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Safely Covered

Optimizing Medical Standards & Patient Care

About Us

After 11 years of patent mediation, our founder Melissa Grenier has fulfilled her goal of bringing this innovative product to the market. Safely Covered has successfully completed FDA Registration. Learn more about how to join our family of physicians, nurses and facilities presently using our PTSS covers.

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Safely Covered

What We Do

We create medical safety devices that will help facilitate best practices in patient care in all medical settings. We continue to innovate the safety sector concerning safety straps used in all medical environments.

Safely Covered

The Team

Melissa Marie Grenier (Founder)

Registered Nurse - 23 years in ER/Trauma (Local Southern California level 2 Trauma Center)) for 18 years

Dr. Eduardo Lares

Practicing ER Doctor for over 20 years (Local Southern California level 2 Trauma Center)

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