Optimizing Medical Standards & Patient Care

Safely Covered

Optimizing Medical Standards & Patient Care

Who we are

Safely Covered values medical standards and industry best by forwarding innovative patented medical devices. With our patented PTSS covers we offer the highest level of safety precautions.

Learn more about Safely Covered PTSS disposable covers and how they help minimize or even prevent medical equipment safety straps from transmitting infectious    material to patients. A unique innovation that will save millions of lives globally.

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Safely Covered

What We Do

We create medical safety devices that will help facilitate best practices in patient care in all medical settings. We continue to innovate the safety sector concerning safety straps used in all medical environments.

Why is Safely Covered necessary


Over 75 million CT Scans are performed each year

According to the latest results from iData Research’s medical imaging procedures analysis, over 75 million CT scans are performed each year in the United States. This number is forecasted to grow to reach 84 million procedures by 2023, despite the significant concerns about radiation exposure.

The spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's) and nosocomial infections

MRI, CT, X-Ray, and several other procedural tables are a major contributor to the spread of HAI's and nosocomial infections in all medical settings

Medical settings are contaminated with countless bacterial agents

The CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) have done various studies that show an increase of HAI's in patient from exposure to safety straps, which place patients at greater risk of further injury or possible death.

Safely Covered in Action


PTSS Covers Serve Various Procedures

Designed to protect patients while having MRI's, CT's, X-Rays, and other procedures done that use safety straps.

PTSS Covers Secure Patient

PTSS covers are placed over existing safety straps that secure the patient to the table and allow the strap to be used as intended.

PTSS Covers Protect Patient & Medical Staff

PTSS Covers allow medical staff to protect all patients, medical personnel, & equipment from becoming contaminated.

What Safely Covered is trying to solve


Compromising best medical practice and safe patient care

Exposure to infectious contaminants

Minimizing HAI's & patient insurance claims

Time and money spent on current procedures


Our Rate of Expansion


Submission of


Patent Issued
US 11,253,331 B2


FDA Registration


Set for Global

For the past 10 years, Safely Covered had a pending patent on our unique strap covers, that could have helped saved hospitals in The United States alone over $24 billion a year in non payment of insurance claims due to HAI or other infections from the use of CT, MRI and other procedural table safety straps.

Who We Serve

      All Hospitals & Out patient facilities

We are dedicated to providing facilities products to increase patient safety by decreasing or eliminating  contamination from safety strap use. 

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Medical Equipment Device Sales

Subscription provider for Institutional Medical Sales.

Hospitals & Care Providers

Seasoned health professionals on the mission to provide the best care to patients.

Safely Covered: $500,000

Safely Covered will initially focus to target USA market. For larger customers, there will be partnership firms in
the sales efforts. An extensive marketing campaign will be conducted.

What Safely Covered is trying to solve

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100% outsourced scalable medical sales distribution

The Team

Melissa Grenier (Founder)

Registered Nurse - 23 years in ER/Trauma (Local Southern California level 2 Trauma Center) for 18 years

Dr. Eduardo Lares

Practicing ER Doctor for over 20 years (Local Southern California level 2 Trauma Center)

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